About SQPL

SQPL is an Independent Professional Body Corporate Manager offering specialist services for strata tiled communities and property developers. SQPL services are designed to be cost effective as possible to save you time, money and effort while offering quality performance.

The principals have a combined total of 60 years in Body Corporate Administration, IT Small Business Solutions, Small Business Management.

Our Clients come first because we know first hand their needs.

SQPL has a long history in Body Corporate Management, Business Management and Project Management. SQPL started back in 1992 as a Business Management Consultancy offering solutions to small business. This led to Body Corporate consultancy as part of its Business Management practice in 2002.

We are proudly independent with no ties to Insurance Companies, Service Providers, Real Estate & Letting Agencies, Accounting Firms or Legal Practices. We are solely focused on looking after our clients. SQPL has one single aim.

Each service is designed to be very cost effective and at the same
time offer real value to body corporates

Contact our professional and friendly team and we will guide your every step of the way